Transiting NYC on Saturday, Oct 13th

We awoke at 06:30 like kids on Christmas morning, filled with excitement about what the day had in store for us! It was cold but we didnt stop to think about it. We got D ready and had coffee brewing as we left Larchmont YC at 07:05 for Sandy Hook. Seas were calm and with a favorable current of 0.5 kt our GPS showed 5.5 kts. The only big traffic was a tall ship “Half Moon”, a Mayflower look alike. Soon we passed under Throgs Neck BR, then Whitestone BR,and past the Bronx. Water was flat calm and the skies were crystal clear! And there was no oncoming traffic to distract us from taking in the beautiful skyline. We were blessed with a beautiful day!!! Next we passed between the Brothers Islands and found ourselves at Hell’s Gate. GPS was showing speeds of 9.1kts while we were only doing 4.6 thru the water; but, all was well and we had good steerage. We passed Roosevelt Is on port; the “tram” went directly over us. Before we knew it we were in the East River enjoying the Manhattan skyline (Empire State, Chrysler, the UN buildings and of course the new WTC. Photographer Sue spent most of this time on the bow documenting the journey! We passed close by Lady Liberty; she was breathtaking and majestic! It was only as we traveled to the outer harbor that we passed barges and tugs at anchor. From the impressive Verrazano BR we had a calm, swift passage to Sandy Hook, NJ. We took on a mooring at Atlantic Highlands YC at 13:40 and celebrated with a cocktail!

Bill, Diane and Kerry, Sue’s brother and family took the YC launch to join us for a visit. Bill is an experienced sailor in this area and offered guidance as we transited NYC, Thanks Bill!! Time was ticking and Sue needed to get back to work so Bill chauffeured her to a nearby ferry to begin the trek home. With four legs (ferry to Manhattan, run to Penn, train to Branford, then the drive home) she made it home to Clinton just before 23:00. Sue, we can’t tell you how much we enjoyed having you with us and appreciate all your help! Wish you could have stayed longer to do the Cape May leg! Can’t wait for your return!

Shortly after our arrival we learned of two vessels planning a sail to Cape May and up the Delaware. We shared contact info and planned to talk on Sunday. Having company for the long overnight journey would be awesome! Although current SW15-40kt predictions may delay our departure by a few days. Oh wait, we have time, don’t we?!!

Later that day we took the launch in to poke around. We toured the waterfront quickly…it was bone chilling cold and windy! We visited the Atlantic Highlands YC and were welcomed by the Commodore and several members. Al and Robin invited us to join them for dinner. The YC atmosphere was very relaxing, the club adorned with burgeys from all over the country and an impressive view of the Manhattan skyline. Dinner was delicious, with many stories shared about sailing from Block Is to the Chesapeake. Back to D before the last launch run at 22:00. The view of the night skyline was fantastic! The Verrazano BR looked like a diamond encrusted crown glistening in the moonlight! Wish we could have gotten a good picture to share with you! What an incredible day of beautiful sights!














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3 Responses to Transiting NYC on Saturday, Oct 13th

  1. sally g says:

    I’m loving your notes and am living every mile vicariously. Wish we were with you, but this is fun because I can “see” everything you are describing.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love reading all of your posts !! sounds like your living the dream:) so happy for u guys!

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