Sandy, the Super Storm, aka “Frankenstorm” and after, Monday & Tuesday, Oct 30-31st

As many of you know we weathered the storm in Annapolis. The Captain was worried that we would be hit with hurricane strenght winds, since we were within the 70 mile forecasted 74 kt Southwest Wind Quadrant of “Super storm Sandy” . Winds were strong and gusty all day, then started peaking at 7:30 PM and really peaked at about 11:30 pm. Dolphin was being tossed about significantly from 7:30 pm on, when we recorded sustained gusts of 48 kts and at 10:30 saw 63 kts on the wind speed indicator! During this time we were in the warmest part of Dolphin, snuggled warm in bed watching Netflix movies!

The Captain went on deck to check bow lines and chaffing gear after 9pm and felt like he was going to be blown off the deck! We woke up 5 am with winds at 28 kts. Dolphin was rocking and rolling and pitching and yawing from high residual waves hitting us abeam. But by 9 am we were calm enough to make coffee. Later that morning the Captain rowed us ashore for showers and to catch up on laundry, when we met Ann from “Bees Knees”. Ann, from ME, is a live-aboard and works at a local hospital. With a van and her dog beautiful Lucy, she offered and took us to the local Whole Foods market to re-provision. Lucy was willing to share her front seat with me! Thanks so much Ann and Lucy!


Downtown Annapolis faired well. She had some minor flooding but not nearly what was expected.



Nina also stopped at an Alpaca shop on Main street for alpaca socks, shawl and gloves. (Socks for the Captain who won’t say he would like them, but will love wearing them!!…(hi 40’s – low 50’s are coming!). Annapolis fared well, limited loss of electricity and minor flooding in the downtown area.

We settled in for dinner compliments of Whole Foods; Spinach, Feta cheese stuffed Chicken breast with salad and a bottle of La Crema Chardonnay! And with oven on, a warm cabin! …My new motivation for cooking!

Journey resumed Wed… Next stop Solomon’s! N&A

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2 Responses to Sandy, the Super Storm, aka “Frankenstorm” and after, Monday & Tuesday, Oct 30-31st

  1. Sue Flanagan says:

    You two sure positioned yourselves and Dolphin in the right place during “Sandy”. You were so close to so much devastation yet fared so amazingly well. Thank you Dolphin for taking care of your passengers!

  2. Michelle Fox says:

    Glad you are safe and sound!

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