Home for the Holidays!

Sending Our Very Best Wishes

To You And Your Families For A

Happy, Healthy and Joy Filled Holiday Season!

You probably  thought we ‘d be in the Bahamas by now!  We  put our journey on hold so we could travel home to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends.  We plan to resume our journey just after the new year!


Stay tuned, we have some catching up to do as well!

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7 Responses to Home for the Holidays!

  1. Al Zager says:

    Thank you! We wish you both the very same.
    Al & Robin

    P.S. Shamayim was lifted this past Monday. She should be trucked back to the factory in January for repairs.

  2. Dan and Sarah says:

    Merry Christmas to the crew of Dolphin!

    Dan and Sarah

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!

      We are headed back to Dolphin in Brunswick on the 1st! It’s wonderful to be home with family and knowing we can continue our adventure on the water! We’re so fortunate to be blessed with the best of both!!

  3. Ron & Gail Edgett says:

    Be careful crossing the Gulf Stream Molly and Jeff said its kind of bumppy in January. We are in St Marten for the month if your in the area stop by.
    Have fun
    Ron & Gail

  4. Dan and Sarah says:

    Alright Guys enough goofing off, back to work!

    We need some pics of Dolphin and crew in the little latitudes..

    We’re in the dog dayz of winter over here.. Stripping varnish in 30deg weather just isn’t cutting it!


    Dan and Sarah

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