We’re ready but Mother Nature is not!

After a weekend of down pours, today was the day to leave the mooring, but MN had other plans for us. Blowing W20 with gusts to 45… It would have been a wet motor to Cutty Hunk… We have nothing but time! Captain is using the extra time to do a few more chores/errands. I brought enough food to last us a year and somehow found places to stow it, freezer is packed to the brim and discovered the bilge holds 2 cases of wine! Even found room for flowers to brighten our day! Have also labeled every communication electrical cable and itemized every storage compartment on board…. I am ready!!
Tomorrow looks promising… But so did today!


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13 Responses to We’re ready but Mother Nature is not!

  1. lindabersani says:

    Hello my friends! I was up at 4:00 am and was thinking about you both, wondering if you would leave. Looked pretty gusty to me. Like you said you have nothing by time! I saw an SUV like yours Adrien and I realized the magnitude of what you two are doing. You are doing what most people can only dream of. Your friends at the Woodlands will live vicariously through you for this next year and my what a trip we will have! Love to you both and “happy sailing” tomorrow, I hope. Love Linda

  2. Paul Casey says:

    i don’t think you have enough wine!

  3. Ania says:

    Open up a bottle of wine and enjoy! Saw the weather for tomorrow. Looks like you may be taking off! I hope you post lots of pictures!!!!

  4. Beth Chambers says:

    Mark and Ania filled us in on your adventure…I am so excited for you both. I will be checking on your blog to see how you’re fairing. So glad to see you had room for wine. I told Mark to tell you that we would be happy to put you up when you get to the Daytona area, for as long as you would like. Anything we could do to help you when you get to our area…shop or whatever…let us know. Here’s our home number….386-265-5097. All our best to you! Beth Chambers (Steve too).

    • Hi Beth, Nice to hear from you and Thank you for the generous offer!! We’re excited and impatient for weather! We plan to transit FL in January and we’ve got your number!

      N & A

  5. Ed Aleo says:

    miss u already….when r u coming home..

  6. Jim Dalton says:

    Great blog. Wishing you “fair winds and following seas”. Bon Voyage!

  7. Ania says:

    Well???? Are you off????

  8. Kell, Deb, Danielle, and Kristen says:

    Don’t rush, enjoy each day, relax and take plenty of photos. It has been five years since we returned from cruising experience and a week never passes without one of us reflecting on our experience to one another.

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