Hooray! We’ve begun our journey!

We departed West Island at 6:00 PM with no wind and a slight drizzle. We were gifted with a bags of fresh oysters, scallops and little necks compliments of Taylor Oceans Inc., our neighbors at Earl’s Marina. Thanks Tim and Mr. Taylor!!

It’s been a busy transit across Buzzards Bay this evening as we make our way to Cutty Hunk. No moon but lots of lights from barges. We have new radar, I’ll tell you about that project later, but really glad we have a new app that shows marine traffic. Check out the image attached. We’re the red pin, amongst many other vessels. The pairs are tugs, barges and their escort making their way to the Cape Cod Canal. Without this app it just looks like a bunch if lights and hard to figure out where they are going and how fast. The app shows us speed, direction, destination, name and sometimes pictures of the vessel. Feeling very safe!



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2 Responses to Hooray! We’ve begun our journey!

  1. Louise Aleo says:

    The rain will quit soon & then … Smooth Sailing Ahead!!!

  2. Sue Flanagan says:

    Congratulations on your departure at long last!!

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