Too much fun to post–a catch up!

Hi! Well, we need to catch you up with the last few days of activity! When we last left off we were fogged in and hanging out a second night in Cutty Hunk. Nina made steel cut oats with apricots and walnuts for breakfast to warm us up! Adrien dove in and cleaned D’s bottom. Spent the afternoon reading travel books and planning our course through LIS. For dinner we enjoyed Coquille St Jacques over pasta (compliments of TOI!) and a chilled bottle of J.Lohr…yummm!

Left CH on Thurs at 11:30; raised all three sails with North winds at 8-12kn. Had a fantastic sail, sometimes 6.1 over the bottom, comfortable with 1’ waves N, and 4-6’ swells SW, (it was like being a baby resting on a parents chest as they slowly breathed in and out!) After a surprise call we diverted our course by a couple of degrees and headed to Point Judith, RI to meet with longtime friends, Bud and Dee who wanted visit and wish us Bon Voyage. We anchored in Pt Judith Harbor of Refugee and dinked ashore arriving for our 18:30 dinner rendezvous. No matter how much time has passed it feels like we never missed a beat!

Dee, Adrien and Nina at George’s in Pt Judith, Bud behind the camera

Lively conversations and delicious dinner…a wonderful treat! Bud shared one of his many Budizims reminding us of a valuable life lesson; we should focus on the Rocks and not the Sand!!! Back to Dolphin for a rolly sleepless night as we took southwest swells abeam. (Funny story about the Coast Guard chase will be told at a later date!)

On Friday we awoke at 06:00 to a very foggy anchorage. Departed at 07:42, to  clearing skies, calm SW winds, motor sailed 214M to Block Island entrance where we took up town mooring #27 near Champlin’s. Dinked in and walked to town. Sightseeing, visited BI Church, cocktails at Surf Hotel overlooking Crescent Beach. What a beautiful calm, sunny day! Dinked under a small bridge at the foot of the harbor, explored a pond with lots of grassy rolling hills, beautiful homes and bird life. Back to Dolphin for delicious Mediterranean Chicken and sautéed broccoli ..and of course more wine! Salt Water Taffy for dessert compliments of Bud and Dee! Watched a few episodes from Season 1 of Breaking Bad on Netflix….getting into the story!

Old Harbor

Crescent Beach, Block Island

Saturday, awoke at 08:00′ blowing SW16-18, warm and sunny….decided to stay another day….because we could! Dinked ashore and enjoyed a 5 mike walk along Crescent Beach, thru a nature wildlife sanctuary and back via Corn Neck Road. Back to D for a cocktail and snacks, then dinked to THE OAR Restaurant for Adrien’s Birthday dinner. Met up with Linda and Karl on “Chance”, 36 Nauset from Bristol YC. Discovered we shared many friends in common from Harbor Lights Marina, Warwick and even connections to Clinton. And Karl is a retired HR Professional with great waterskiing stories! What a small world!! Delightful company, conversation and dinner! We were offered a tour of Chance…beautiful vessel! Linda and Karl, thanks so much for joining me to sing Happy Birthday to Adrien and for the OSJL Lantern! We love it!

That’s it for now, still a few days to catch you up on! We’ve had some challenges getting on-line from the computer so we’re posting via IPad….ugh! Stay tuned!


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