Foggy and lazy day on Cutty Hunk

We woke to fog, 1/4 mile visibility but warm temperature. With currents in our favor at noon we decided to take time in the morning to do a few chores and take our coffee ashore to walk the island. I was hoping for any signs that summer might be lingering…. My favorite shops were closed, and posted signs, “Thanks for a great summer!”, houses were closed up, docks empty. Even the rabbits were gone! One of the few signs of life… the elementary school door was propped ajar with a rock; they had 2 students (bother and sister).  Interesting to see a different side of Cutty Hunk!

Looks like a motor ride to Block tomorrow. N






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1 Response to Foggy and lazy day on Cutty Hunk

  1. Jonesy says:

    Watch out for U-Boats

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