More Catching Up!

Sunday 10/7/12 We left Block Island on our way to Orient Point on a sunny Sunday morning. Clouds moved in by noon while we were sailing in light breezes. We had a visitor for a few minutes, a Dark Eyed Junko! He landed on the aft deck and roamed about the boat from stern to bow, under the Bimini and back out, then flew off to parts unknown!

20121011-010344.jpg Our Guest!

The clouds turned into drizzle by mid-afternoon as we were motor-sailing by Gardiner’s Island. As we passed the “Teapot Lighthouse” at Orient Neck, rain was falling. We picked up a mooring off Orient Yacht Club (just N of Shelter Island) and settled in for the night with a delicious dinner and fireworks emanating from the YC. Soon we could see flashing red lights from emergency vehicles….uh-oh!

Teapot Light House

Monday 10/8/12 As I cast off the mooring pennant, the gentle NW wind turned Dolphin towards the Teapot Lighthouse and I rolled out the Genoa and we were quietly sailing down wind under a cloudy sky doing 5 kts.

As I rounded the lighthouse I jibed the Genoa to starboard, sheeted the Genny in and we were soon cutting through the water at 6 kts close-hauled. We reached Plum Gut, downed the Genny, and motored into the stiff 16 kt NW breeze. After passing through the gut, Nina joined me at the helm with a pot of coffee. We redeployed the Genny and were now struggling to make 4 kts as the breeze had diminished. After 4 hrs of sailing we were now 2nm N of our Orient Point YC mooring as the crow flies! By noon we were motor sailing toward Branford, CT and the Thimbles. Considering the weather forecast, provisioning needs and chores, we elected to take a slip. We chose Indian Neck YC well up the river and were greeted by Nick who led us to the club bar for arrival cocktails and stories at the club, and that was “No Coincidence”! (A story for another day!)

We elected to get a quick bite at the closest restaurant (“Nellie Greene’s”, not to be confused with Snookie Green!). We met Mary Kay and Dr. Vince, delightful couple who live on the river; Jean Carlo and Sue from East Haven, and our bartender Jerry who was efficient, pleasant and full of great stories. Nina rowed us back to Dolphin because I simply had too much to drink.

Tuesday 10/9/12 This was a day full of chores while we awaited the arrival of our First Mate, Sue. While Nina went out to do laundry and grocery shop, (she managed to fit in manicure and pedicure!), Adrien did chores around the boat. We made our way back to Nellie Greene’s with only 15 minutes left to Happy Hour. We quickly ordered cocktails, three dozen littlenecks and oysters on the 1/2 shell, blue point crab sliders, calamari, patty melt burgers, and Jerry put another dozen oysters in the fridge awaiting Sue’s arrival. Within a few minutes we were surrounded by familiar faces, and we’d only been there one night before!! I think this town has a drinking problem! Nellie’s was packed. Sue arrived and joined us at the bar and the feasting and drinking continued. Finally we left Nellies, and back at the YC enjoyed Caribbean Rum Pain Killers while chatting and exchanging stories with several members. As pumpkin time was approaching, we walked back to a comfortable night sleep on Dolphin.

Wednesday 10/10/12 We were greeted by steady rain and light winds as we awoke. Despite having an invitation to a pre-planned white clam ravioli lunch, we elected to leave Branford in the drizzle. By 10:00 we were motor-sailing with a strong NE wind. By 11:00 the sun had broken through and it was a delightful day and the winds had turned to the South. By 14:30 we were 18 miles from our destination of Oyster Bay when the winds turned strong and ugly out of the SW. After being battered by the steep 4-6′ chop, we abandoned Oyster Bay and decided to seek refuge at Port Jefferson. We were tossed and rolled to the point where fruit and unsecured objects were being thrown about the galley. No sooner had we pulled in at 16:00 then the winds had diminished to 6 kts and we enjoyed stuffed scallops while watching this beautiful sunset and then a delightful chicken dinner. A

<a Calm and relaxed in Port Jefferson!

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2 Responses to More Catching Up!

  1. Louise Aleo says:

    coast guard chase … need-to-know …

  2. Tom says:

    Sounds like a great start to the voyage; and this is a great start to your blog! How ’bout some more info on Dolphin when you get time? Oh that’s right, you rag-baggers have all the time in the world! LOL! Fair winds and following seas….

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