Yes, We voted!!

Just in case anyone in particular is worried that we might not fulfill our civic duty, here is evidence of our completing our absentee ballots! (Yes, CV, we voted for the right candidates!)


When Adrien doesn’t like the candidate options he lets it be known by volunteering my name ….thanks Adrien!


Thanks Sue for hand carrying our signed & sealed confidential ballots back to submit to the Clinton Town Hall! N


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8 Responses to Yes, We voted!!

  1. Sue Flanagan says:

    Thanks for trusting me with your ballots … They were delivered today. Maybe I’ll do a write-in vote for Nina for “Councillor” in November too! I know you’re a good “‘counselor” but maybe you’d be a great ‘councillor’ as well!

  2. Amy Thompson says:

    Nina. Don’t get any funny ideas about political office now. Come Sept you are reporting for duty here in Lowell!!!!

  3. Bette Harris Friedman says:

    Admiral Nina: What an adventure! Safe journey, safe home. We’ll keep an eye on Mom!
    Love, Arnie and Bette

  4. Maria Hanchett says:

    Hi Nina or should I say “Captain” Nina!
    Sue Bird forwarded your information to me and I have enjoyed reading your adventures. So glad that you are on your voyage-I remember talking to you about it years ago with you in your office. I admire that you went through with the plans and that you and Adrien are having such a wonderful time together and making lifelong memories.
    Maria Hanchett

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