Exhausted Crew!

We left Sandy Hook on Wednesday at 06:30, motored down the coast of NJ on a calm windless day. Passed Atlantic City at 23:00, entered the Delaware River at 06:15 Thursday morning, motor sailed up to the C & D Canal, entered the canal at 13:30, arriving at Chesapeake City at 15:30 where we lowered anchor. Currents were with us where they needed to be, averaging 8kts in the river and canal.

Glad that’s over!!!

We’re exhausted and going to sleep! More details to follow….

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7 Responses to Exhausted Crew!

  1. Jim and Jan Rich says:

    Now you know why we call it the “Dreaded Delaware”! Glad you are in Chesapeake City – it’s a snug little place! Enjoy!

  2. oceanlines says:

    Was fun watching you plod down the N.J. coast at 4 knots on my Marine Traffic app. Glad you’re safe and sound in the Bay! Don’t forget to check-in with http://www.activecaptain.com for up-to-date info on marinas, anchorages, obstructions, shoalings, etc. And be sure to leave your own notes on the places you’ve already stopped. Fair winds…

    • Tom, such a pleasure meeting and spending time with you at Port Jeff.

      As for the NJ coast, all was well until we reached a point where i decided slowing down and reaching the mouth of the Delaware at first light made sense rather than try to keep up with the “fast and furious”Vessels we left
      AHYC with; and, reach it in the dark and against the current.
      Then, as we approached Atlantic City, the winds increased on our nose, and waves increased in height and every 10th wave or so, sent us bobbing and slowed us down momentarily from 5 to 4 kts, a little more power and this was resolved. The net result, a great, fast, sunny motor sail up the Delaware!

      I must say, that Nina was great, this was her first overnighter, I am sure she was tired, but the “Admiral” performed admirably!
      Capt A

  3. Dee F. says:

    Glad you have crossed the Mason Dixon line! Enjoy the upcoming Southern boating “ya’ll”!
    Love keeping up with you on your blog…keep up the chronicals….maybe a book in the making!

  4. Sue says:

    Pictures?? Any picture of the Jersey Coast or the Delaware Ricer or the C&D Canal?? Must I return to photograph the journey??

  5. Paul Casey says:

    Ok, you’ve had 4 days to sleep, how about an update when you wake up.

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