Georgetown Yacht Basin on the Sassafras River, Sat-Mon, Oct 20-22nd

On Saturday we departed at 08:15, for a 25 mile journey, motoring west to the end of the C&D Canal into the Chesapeake with a slight .5 kt current against us. Skies were clear, the water calm and “Thistle” not far behind. As the canal opened to the Bay the sights were beautiful with rolling wooded hills, beautiful water front homes and mansions, and for the first time some vessels traveling close by. The tall ship was headed to Baltimore for an afternoon sailing regatta, and the container ship headed to the canal in route to Phili. I snapped the shot of “Thistle” (44′ Seguin)sailing by her side to give you a sence for how large these ships are compared to our humble vessels! No wonder they can’t see us and don’t move out of the way!


While we motored most of the way, as we altered course to approach the entrance to the Sassafras the wind picked up a bit and allowed us to raise the jib and turn off the engine. It was so quiet for the first time in so long I forgot what it was like to just sail!! “Thistle” caught this shot of Dolphin.

We arrived at Georgetown Yacht Basin, after a leisurely sail about 10 miles up the river. It’s a nice protected marina that had just what we needed; moorings, fuel, water, showers, laundry, a launch service and bikes to ride to the grocery and liquor stores about a mile and a half away. And friends we met in Atlantic Highlands were there too, “Shine” & “Night Cap II”. It was nice to catch up with them and share stories about the last leg of the journey.

Each day we took a long walk or a bike ride. It was a pretty funny sight to see Adrien ride a girls bike with two baskets on back, a bell on the handle bars, a flag on a long pole rising up from the back fender to alert motorist and a seat so low he could not straighten out his legs when he pedaled. Wished I’d gotten a picture! And me, I’m not going to tell you how long it’s been since I rode a bike!)

We reprovisioned, caught up on laundry and did a few chores, read and relaxed. I honestly don’t know where the time goes, but it goes fast! We enjoyed crab cakes and our first bowl of Atlantic Snapper Turtle Soup (Delicious!) while watching the first half of the Pats vs Jets game on Sunday afternoon at the historic Kitty Knight Inn & Tavern. Didn’t want to leave but the launch, “Two Toots” stopped at 18:00.

Our plan was to leave on Monday morning until a 15 minute chore turned in to a half day event. We needed to find a zip lock bag of wires to reposition and secure a hose in the engine room. But couldn’t remember where it got stashed. Adrien looked in every hold from bow to stern and then I looked behind him, just in case. Before we knew it an hour had passed and still we couldn’t find the darn bag. Fellow boaters must know what this is like; you can see what you’re looking for in 10 different places on the boat but darned if you can find it! Now, is this a boating thing or an age thing? Please respond if you know what I’m talking about!!

So, McGuyver’s improvise was a wire hanger…they always come in handy. And, as luck would have it the 3rd night on the mooring was free! The Captain is happy! And we enjoyed sunset cocktails, a delicious dinner and caught up on the new season of Revenge!


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5 Responses to Georgetown Yacht Basin on the Sassafras River, Sat-Mon, Oct 20-22nd

  1. Ania says:

    Love all your pictures Nina! I also enjoy reading about your journey! Nice job!!

  2. Pearl Largesse says:

    Ah yes, the familiar phrase, I know its here somewhere! It sounds like it was meant to be that you spent another night. Keep up the good work on the blog, I am living vicariously thru you!
    Hoping TS Sandy heads out to sea.

  3. John M says:

    I remember that day. I saw the tall ship and the container ship as I was leaving the Mouth of the Sass River. I was alone and under power headed to Baltimore on a Blue 40 foot sloop with a red Boot stripe. I also remember seeing boats going up river. As I turned the South around Howell Point I hoisted sail and had a nice ride for about 10 miles. Had to turn the diesel back on as the wind died. Beautiful day… Arrived in Baltimore as the wind picked up and struggled to catch the pier in port covington. I have spent 25 years on the Sass river but now have moved further South. Very good memories there but it was time to go.

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