Gratitude to Annapolis, Oct 25th….with an eye on Sandy!

We left the mooring at 09:20 this am…it was hard to get up after all those oysters !…. to cloudy and overcast skies with calm seas. The Chesapeake was deserted except for this tall ship…with a pink hull! I’ve seen Mary Kay pink cady’s, can you earn pink Schooners too?

We crossed the Bay from east to west, under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge arriving in Annapolis after a short three hour trip.

20121025-230023.jpg To date the Captains log shows we have traveled 435 nautical miles. That translates to 86.2 hours of motoring! Yes, it would be easier to drive, but just think what we would have misses!!

We arrived in Annapolis at 12:30 and picked up a town mooring close to Ego Alley. We met the Asst Harbor Master, David who successfully passed Nina’s interview and endless list of questions about the protocol in anticipation of Sandy’s arrival. At this point we are monitoring several weather apps to stay informed of Sandy’s path. Right now there are a number of projected paths, most taking Sandy northeast of the Chesapeake. We are thinking we will ride her out in Annapolis. But we’ll continue to track her progress with frequent updates multiple times a day. We will keep you informed of our plan! Let’s hope the Bahamas are still intact when she passes!

As the sun shone by 13:00 Adrien rowed us to the dock and we went on a walking tour of downtown Annapolis. Adrien stopped to listen to Alex Haley tell a story to the neighborhood children. It’s commemorates the spot where Kunta Kinte was brought to this country and sold into slavery.

We visited the historical center, walked up Main Street to Church Circle, over to the State Capital building, and across to the lovely grounds of the Naval academy.

With just a half hour before closing we quickly toured the Naval Academy Museum seeing an impressive collection of 1600-1800’s ship model. The highlight was a collection of ship models crafted by French POW’s during the Napoleonic wars. They used bones from their meat rations,v straw, wood and anything els they could salvage from their surroundings to make these very intricate life-like models, then sold them to purchases clothing and food while imprisoned. As we were leaving the campus we heard a group of cadets practicing the bagpipes on the lawn. It was a treat to sit and listen!

As we headed back to the boat we noticed that a neighboring boat, “After Four” hailed from Warwick, RI,….friend’s of Ed and Deb from Harbor Light Marina. Again, a small world! We hope to enjoy a cocktail with them tomorrow!

Back on Dolphin,we toasted the sunset and enjoyed chicken with basil cream and asparagus for dinner with a bottle of Chateau St Jean Chardonnay…delicious! N&A

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6 Responses to Gratitude to Annapolis, Oct 25th….with an eye on Sandy!

  1. Al Zager says:

    Adrien & Nina,
    While in Annapolis, don’t miss taking a guided walking tour of the Academy. They offer them at the Visitors Center. At least they did prior to 9/11.

  2. Dan and Sarah says:

    Hi Guys

    Good luck with Sandy, hope you found a nice protected area. (Adrien, no unscheduled dinghy rides during the storm like last year. 🙂

    Luv the Blog, Sarah and I check in every morning with our coffee. Have enjoyed riding along with you.


    Dan and Sarah

  3. Susan says:

    Mark and I are so excited for you two on your journey. Thanks for writing the blog to keep us all informed. What an adventure!
    Good luck with Sandy!

  4. Louise Aleo says:

    Love reading your blog… Pictures are Fantastic…. would love to linger on the blog a little longer -but- we’ve just finished an oyster fest & need to get to our post-oyster fitness program … bye for now,
    Louise & Ed

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