40 Miles to Reedville, Friday, Saturday November 2nd – 3rd

We lifted anchor at 08:30 for Reedville, a protected harbor just south of the Potomac River.
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We enjoyed a comfortable sail with the jenny and staysail doing 6.5 kts in 9 kts of wind. Shortly afternoon the winds increased to 18 then 24 kts and 4-6′ rollers astern as we crossed the wide mouth of the Potomac. Dousing the staysail, and ready to reef the main, it was uncomfortable but an exciting sail! With the Admiral at the helm at times we had the port rail near the water!

As the sun was sinking lower in the sky and on our nose, it was a challenge to approach the channel. Fishing poles abound! Think dark poles planted in a line sticking about 2-3′ out of the water…. so hard to see! Look closely…

20121107-201744.jpgI took this shot with the sun behind me. You could not see the sticks this well when we were approaching them!

The Captain took watch on the bow and directed the Admiral through the approach. We motored up a small creek past a fish processing plant and fishing fleet to a very calm anchorage. We were luck, the breeze was carrying the well know smell from the processing plant away from our anchorage area!


After 8.5 hrs of sailing, we arrived at our destination. Reedville sits on a peninsula that juts into Cockrell Creek just off the Great Wicomico River and is knows as the Manhaden fishing capital of the US. What’s Manhaden? Similar to anchovi, its an oily fish, inedible, that is pressed for its oil and used for fertilizer, livestock meal, cosmetics and more recently omega oil. Settled in 1874 the one and only main street boasts a row of lovely victorian homes build by the original founder, Elijah Reed from Bristol, ME, and fellow business owners.
As the sun was setting, we motored to shore with Bonnie and H for a brisk walk before dinner.

20121107-201423.jpg. You know your getting south when you see Y’all!



We learning of two restaurants in town, so we asked the locals which was best. Both were noted for their crab and fried fish so we decided to do our own taste testing! Apps at one, dinner at the other! The Crab served us the best Crab Bisque in a warm bread bowl Adrien and I have ever had!!! Fried oysters were delicious, lightly battered and tender! And the Fried Green Tomatoes were good too. At Tommy’s we enjoyed a delicious broiled fish dinner. I think we had the best of both!

The winds promise to continue tomorrow so we put our heads on the pillow knowing we could sleep in!!

Saturday was a cold 40 degrees morning in the boat! It was so cold we decided to close off the V-berth and dedicate that to our cold storage locker for our supply of fruits and vegetables. We turned on the oven, brewed a pot of coffee and baked a pan of blueberry muffins… just perfect for heating the cabin and hosting Bonnie and H for a debrief on their knowledge of the area and to develop a travel plan for the next few days.

By mid afternoon the winds subsided; the sun was warming. We went ashore for a fresh air walk and explored a few side roads and visited the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum and William Walker House (C 1875). We were hosted by one of the local long time residents (78 yrs!) as he showed us historic pictures (some of which he was in as a youngster) and talked of the evolution of the village with a few first hand accounts.

20121107-205750.jpgThis must be “sun bathing”!

I convinced the gang that since we were still in Reedville and just a short walk to The Crab, we had to go back and enjoy another bowl of Crab Bisque in a Bread Bowl. And just for the record, I did not have to twist anyones arm! On this trip our server encouraged us to be adventurous and try a local favorite, Sugar Toads…a fried fish that you eat like a chick wing. We’re on an adventure right?

A Sugar Toads is a small blow fish and plentiful in this area several times a year. Sweet, delicate white meat and very tasty! You hold it at the head and tail, and eat from one side of the spine, then the other. I should have taken a picture of the left overs!



Our walk back to the boat put is at the doorstep of Chitterchats Ice Cream And Gossip Parlor. The Almond Amaretto ice cream was delicious!

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