Extended Stay in Solomon Island, Thursday, Nov 1st

We extended our stay to visit the Calvert Marine Museum and glad we did. The exibits included regional maritime, cultural and naval past, as well as an interesting look at it’s natural history.

The replica of the giant extinct Miocene white shart was very impressive and makethe great whites of today look like dogfish. The replica is based on a the fossils that have been unearthed from nearby Clavert Cliffs, a type of time capsule from 10-20 million years ago. Today they are prohibited from digging from fossils, but as soon as a storm like Sandy comes along the archeologists jump at the chance to walk the beaches in search of new findings!


20121107-200306.jpgCalvert Clifts

Other highlights included walking through the original Drum Point Lighthouse, one of the few remaining cottage-style screwpile lighthouses. Rumor has it that a family with 5 children live in this lighthouse!


20121107-200226.jpgAdrien wanted a souvenir!

Our morning at the museum took us well into the late afternoon. On our way back to Dolphin we met up with Bonnie and H on s/v “Crescent Moon, from Fair Haven, NY on Lake Ontario. They own and operate Pleasant Beach Hotel, a summer beach hotel very near our relatives in Williamson and Webster, NY! Again, a small world! With similar destinations in mind, we discussed winds, seas and set a plan for the next leg south.

We enjoyed an early dinner on board Dolphin; stuffed pork chops and roasted purple potatoes. Home grown potatoes were compliments of “Thistle” and delicious! N

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  1. Ed Aleo says:

    SPECTACOLO lighthouse…Ed

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