Preparing To Leave Brunswick

What a pleasure to be back on Dolphin! We arrived to find her dry and clean. She was well taken care in our absence. Fellow boaters kept an eye on her and the efforts we took to string monofilament lines about her sparse keep most of the birds away!

We spend the next 6 days unpacking the car, finding storage for all the “stuff” we lugged from home, provisioning and finishing a few projects on board.
We were pleasantly surprised to see warm weather coming. Within a few days we were enjoying low 70’s with the promise of 80’s on the way.
Surprisingly, Nina learned she packed too many clothes, so with confidence of warm weather coming, a few boxes of the warm clothes got shipped home!

We made new friends on the dock and enjoyed a few sundowners with folks headed to the Bahamas for returning visits. The stories and info they share are always so helpful! With some guidance from our friends on “Rhapsody” and “Nancy Lu” we started experimenting with the single side ban hoping to get some weather info with recommended routes and passage info. We also took copious notes on potential ports of entry, scenic beaches, fun destinations and protective anchorages to supplement current knowledge.

With a forecast of gentle winds and calm seas we topped off the tanks, cut the monofilament lines and eased out of the slip with the help of our friends!

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  1. Louise says:

    A safe & beautiful voyage my friends

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