Brunswick to Cape Canaveral

We could have stayed on the dock for another week, there is always something to work on but with Nina itching to get underway and fearful the cold weather would return, we left the dock on Saturday Jan 12th at noon. Plan “A” was to depart via Brunswick Inlet south of St Simon’s Island and head offshore to Cape Canaveral but as we rounded the first turn we saw a thick dense fog across the entrance to the canal. So on to Plan “B”! We entered the ICW North of Jekyll Island and enjoyed a comfortable motor ride past Cumberland Island.


20130116-215451.jpgWe decided to keep this buoy to Port!!

We anchored at dusk at the southern end of the Brickhill River and enjoyed a comfortable night.

A peaceful sunrise and dense sea mist.


We continued on past the Trident Submarine Base at Kings Bay and down the St Mary’s River, leaving Amelia Island to starboard, out to the Atlantic Ocean.

20130116-220500.jpgTrident Nuclear Submarine Base at King’s Bay

We flew down St Mary’s River with a 2.5 kt current carrying us out to the Atlantic. We were met with a gentle 6-8 kt SE breeze and 3′ swells on our nose. It was a sunny warm day and comfortable. We followed the coastline easing out to a course of 165 degrees which brought us about 10 miles off shore.

With a long night ahead of us Adrien took the first shut eye while listening to the Pats game on his iphone and following texts from Pat’s fans at home. At the helm, Nina plugged into music and kept us on course.
The afternoon turned to dusk as we past Jacksonville.


As darkness set in the winds increased to 15kts and the swells became more intense. With all the rocking, rolling and yawing it became difficult to follow the GPS and compass so we used the FL coastal light and stars to guide us….until the fog set in and hid the coastal lights, and the clouded hid the stars, and the cockpit enclosure fogged up! We were forced to go back to following the GPS and compass. Thank goodness for the bag of ginger candies Nana packed in our travel bag!!

We continued to take 4 hour shifts and somehow we made it through the long night on course and were greeted with a beautiful sunrise!


As the sun rose the wind died down and the swells subsided. It was tolerable again! We still couldn’t sail but we were both revitalized by the sun for the full day ahead of us. Cape Canaveral was still 13 hours away! Our ETA to the outer entrance of the channel was 20:30 PM! With an additional 10 miles to the marina, ETA at the dock would be about 23:30!

We continued to take shifts throughout the day as we rolled down the coast averaging about 5 kts. We kept a lookout for Right whales (prevalent and protected in northern FL) and were entertained by several pods of playful dolphin and a lonely Loggerhead turtle. We saw only a few other vessels and none near our path. It was a long comfortable day. The sun set as we passed Kennedy Space Center.


As we approached the channel entrance the swells were growing again and hitting us abeam, but the last leg was short, the channel well lit and we made it to the dock as anticipated at about 22:30. A stiff drink in hand and a walk around the the beautiful Ocean Club Marina to stretch our legs and we were ready for a good nights sleep! We’d traveled 173 miles over 36.5 hours! Glad that is behind us!!!

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Preparing To Leave Brunswick

What a pleasure to be back on Dolphin! We arrived to find her dry and clean. She was well taken care in our absence. Fellow boaters kept an eye on her and the efforts we took to string monofilament lines about her sparse keep most of the birds away!

We spend the next 6 days unpacking the car, finding storage for all the “stuff” we lugged from home, provisioning and finishing a few projects on board.
We were pleasantly surprised to see warm weather coming. Within a few days we were enjoying low 70’s with the promise of 80’s on the way.
Surprisingly, Nina learned she packed too many clothes, so with confidence of warm weather coming, a few boxes of the warm clothes got shipped home!

We made new friends on the dock and enjoyed a few sundowners with folks headed to the Bahamas for returning visits. The stories and info they share are always so helpful! With some guidance from our friends on “Rhapsody” and “Nancy Lu” we started experimenting with the single side ban hoping to get some weather info with recommended routes and passage info. We also took copious notes on potential ports of entry, scenic beaches, fun destinations and protective anchorages to supplement current knowledge.

With a forecast of gentle winds and calm seas we topped off the tanks, cut the monofilament lines and eased out of the slip with the help of our friends!

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Dolphin Is On The Move

After a wonderful Christmas respite with family and friends we ventured back to Dolphin waiting in Brunswick, GA.

We drove a rental car one way filled to the brim with summer clothes, supplies, spare parts, an extra Danforth and rode, and vodka and wine. Our rental, a Ruby Red Ford Tauras got quite a bit of attention as we drive South. Literally, at every stop someone would walk by and comment on the car!



Yuengling lager beer $5; Lemon 33cents; strong knife $ 5; Cotuit Oysters on the half shell at a SC Rest Stop…. Priceless !!!!!!

We stopped in South Jersey to visit family friends, then opted to take our time driving down the Delmar Peninsula, crossing Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Virginia Beach. It was a great opportunity to explore the eastern side of the Chesapeake so we will know where to visit on our sail north. Chesterton, St Michael’s and Oxford are places we look forward to visiting via the water; lots of history and charming villages.

This Chestertown resident is honoring each Afghanistan fallen soldier with a white flag.

20130116-175528.jpgSunset in Oxford, MD

20130116-174531.jpgView from VA Beach Hotel

As we drive south we could feel the excitement growing! We couldn’t wait to get back on Dolphin and the water!

From Virginia Beach we hopped back on Rt 95 and made our way to Savannah and spend a relaxing evening , dinner out and the night with friends from “Crescent Moon”. The next day we took a tour of Tybee Island and enjoyed a delicious lunch at a beachside restaurant.

A beautiful island, the beach is pristine!


20130116-174838.jpgTybee Island
By early afternoon we said our good byes and made plans to get together again soon. We reunited with Dolphin by 16:30 on Saturday, Jan 5th! Yeah!!!



Brunswick Landing Marina

20130116-175958.jpgA Brunswick sunset!

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Home for the Holidays!

Sending Our Very Best Wishes

To You And Your Families For A

Happy, Healthy and Joy Filled Holiday Season!

You probably  thought we ‘d be in the Bahamas by now!  We  put our journey on hold so we could travel home to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends.  We plan to resume our journey just after the new year!


Stay tuned, we have some catching up to do as well!

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Charleston, SC – Saturday, Nov 24th

What a fabulous day! We met on the dock at 08:45. Thanks to Sanity Check and Avanti we enjoyed Memosa’s while we waited for our 09:00 Mercedes Limo pick up. Our driver gave us a brief tour of the city to get our bearings then dropped us off at the Market Place, recommending several breakfast spots. Eli’s Table was able to take us right away. Bloody Mary’s the special, $5.00, adorned with lemon, lime, olives and celery stalk. Knowing we’d be walking all day I indulged in Eggs Benedict and creamy grits, and Adrien enjoyed French Toast. Just delicious!

Wiith a 17:30 rendezvous location determined, we were on our way to explore the city. Adrien and I opted for a guided carriage ride through town. We learned details about the history and people of Charleston, and the architectural details that make this city so delightful to the eye! We walked a similar route after the tour so I could capture some pictures. It was had to decide which ones to post so you’ll see most of them!!



City Market



St Johns where Bud got married!



20121126-115936.jpgLove the front doors that lead to an open porch!

20121126-120125.jpgBeautiful porches, inviting courtyards and gardens!





















20121126-122859.jpgAt 17:30 we gathered at TBonz for beers to wet our whistle and burgers to fill our tummies! Then to a stretch limo back to the marina.

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20121122-100523.jpgWe’re enjoying Bloody Mary’s this morning as we motor sailing down Little River past Georgetown, SC while smelling sausage stuffing in the oven! Turkey breast soon to follow. We are traveling with 3 other vessels, 1 American and 2 Canadian. We Americans are cooking dinner tonight, hosted on Dolphin. Lots if good food is being prepared while underway.

Have a wonderful day with your families, we’re with you in spirit!!!

We’ll be catching up on the blog in the next few days. ATT reception in the Carolina’s has not been as accommodations as the wonderful Southern Hospitality we experience every where we go!



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Cedar Point, NC

We finally reached blue water! Saw dolphin this morning off our bow. But they were too quick to get a picture!

Sunny, low 60’s, NNW10-15kt. Nice Day!

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